Policies & Responsibilities




  • Punctuality is mandatory; students will be in their seats and ready to work at the start of class. Any unexcused tardiness will be made up after school with each minute late (or part of) resulting in serving ten minutes after school.
  • PPEs will be worn at all times!  Failure to wear a PPE will result in immediately being sent to the office!
  • Proper classroom decorum will be observed; a) raise your hand and wait for permission to speak, b) until you have permission to speak, you should be either listening or doing assigned work, and c) when given permission to speak an appropriate tone, volume and the use of proper and pertinent language will be used.
  • Proper etiquette will be observed; a) food, candy or drinks will not be brought into the classroom without prior approval of the teacher (water is permitted), b) attire will demonstrate respect for the classroom setting (i.e. hats are prohibited) and c) behavior will demonstrate respect for classmates, teacher and oneself (i.e. sleeping in class is not acceptable).
  • Electronic devices should only be used when requested by teacher or with prior arrangements with the instructor. Cell phones should be off and stowed away per school policy! Students not abiding by the policies regarding electronic devices run the risk of losing the use of those devices in class.
    The teacher will be the facilitator during class and expects that students will do as instructed each and every class meeting.


Since there will be a great deal of video classes and conferencing during this coming school year, and for many students, this will be the first formal foray into this type of learning. Below are a few guidelines that students should follow:

  • Consider your appearance on the webcam. The less seriously you take the video class or conference, the harder it will be to learn the material or participate in the class.
  • Students are expected to wear proper clothing which meets the school dress code (no PJs, beach wear, etc.) when attending classes or conferencing with teachers.
  • Consider what is in the background of your video. Nothing is more embarrassing than an awkward or inappropriate poster or item in your background. A blank background is easiest to work with, please be considerate.
  • Consider the lighting for your room. A poorly placed light or sitting in front of a window will create a shadowy effect. Play around with the lighting prior to logging into the video conference.
  • Consider your internet connection. If your internet is lagging, consider restarting your computer and be aware of how far away you are from your home internet router.
  • Remember that attendees of a video class or conference should not randomly speak out or fall asleep during, please continue that respect when communicating via a webcam.


  • Students will exhibit proper care and respect for textbooks (covered within one week), class material and school property.
  • Students will bring to class daily; notebook, pen(s) or pencil(s), textbook(s) and any other materials instructed by teacher.
  • Assignments will be turned in when due, otherwise a substantial late penalty will apply.
  • Students will clean up after themselves at the end of each class. This includes but not limited to picking up trash and other debris around and in their desk and returning books and other supplies to proper place.

Failure in coming to class prepared will result in the student spending time after school or other appropriate measures.


  • 1st offense -A verbal warning will be given.
  • 2nd offense -Disciplinary action will be taken (e.g. detention and/or parent/guardian notified).
  • 3rd offense -Student will be removed from the class; a conference with principal and/or parent/guardian will be scheduled.


  • Will be dealt with swiftly and promptly with zero tolerance!
    Students will receive a zero for the assignment and have their parents notified immediately!
  • Cheating includes but is not limited to; copying off another student's paper, handing in work that is not the student's original work (i.e. paraphrasing or rewriting another source) and use of unauthorized test/quiz aids (i.e.  Printed and/or Electronic).
  • Final determination is at the discretion of the teacher!