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Greeting and Salutations,

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! The coming year should be an interesting and challenging academic year. My course load includes both a new and a revised course offering this year. The new course offered this year is "Themes in American History," which will offer students an exploration of our country's history thematically.  A class which is being revised and update is "Fundamentals of American Democracy,"  which will be more of a civics course than an early American history class.

Rounding out my course load is a section of "America in Transition," "Religions of Man,"  and "History Through Cinema." This year will hopfully be an exciting and academically stimulating school year for both students and myself at Boothbay Region High School as we journey together on the road of enlightenment.

Three years ago, I finish my graduate studies as a James Madison Memorial Fellow at Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio obtaining my masters degree in American History and Government. I still  use this experience to continually incorporate new content knowledge and documents into my instruction.

I will also be utilizing instruction and knowledge from a multitude of summer institutes and seminars (for a complete list, please see the Meet the Teacher page of my web site).

Students and parents will find that I maintain a web site that has assignments, test reviews, classroom rules, class expectations and numerous other "things" conveniently located on my home page ( I encourage parents/guardians to contact me with concerns or questions.

I can be reached through the school by telephone at 633-2421 or you can e-mail me at the following address; My prep periods are second period on blue days and third period on gold days but I am always available after school until 3 PM (many days even later!).

Instruction in my classes is based on the strong belief that each and every student is “responsible” for their own personal learning. My role as the instructor in the class is to provide guidance and educational opportunities, which will allow students to utilize the knowledge that they will gain from the course.

To this end, students are expected to be responsible for staying current with all reading and writing assignments in the class. Students who conscientiously and routinely take advantage of the numerous opportunities presented to them throughout the year usually are those that have the greatest degree of success.

Please bear in mind that grades are only one possible indication of a student's success. Please encourage your student to discuss and share with you the material that we are exploring over the coming school year.

Their ability to articulate and converse about the material is another indication of their success that will allow you, the parent to provide your invaluable assistance to your student's education.


Mr. N. L'Heureux