US Government & Civics

Creating A Constitution Syllabus

Creating the Constitution

Anti-Federalist & Federalist Links

Ratifying Chart

4/27     Exam #1 on Creating the Constitution

4/30     Exam #2 on Creating the Constitution

Interactive Constitution

Annenberg Guide to the US Constitution

Article #1 Study Guide

Articles #2 & #3 Study Guide

Articles #4-#7 Study Guide

Bill of Rights  Study Guide

Need To Know Study Guide

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US History  (Period 3)

Unit #2- To Form A More Perfect Union

American History Text

April 15                        Vocab Quiz #3

Students should be preparing for the various vocabulary quizzes on the readings.

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Modern European History (Period 2)

The Enlightenment & French Revolution Syllabus

The Age of Enlightenment Reader

The French Revolution Reader


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C. P. US History  (Period 4)

Honors Readings

American History Text

The Pandemic of 1918 & Today

1/26     Exam

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